Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LH x Electra x Banana Republic

If you've been to Regent Street, Covent Garden or Westfield lately, you may have spotted some of our bikes in Banana Republic.

The fashion retailer has fallen under the 2-wheeled spell and are currently featuring the Electra Men's 'Amsterdam Royal 8i' and Women's 'Amsterdam Classic 3i' in some of their window displays.

Think crunchy autumn leaves, tan coats, cobalt highlights, leather boots and the perfect accessory - a Dutch inspired bike, equipped with wicker basket.

To get the look visit www.bananarepublic.gap.co.uk for the threads and Luv Handles for the bike, of course! Pop us an email or buzz # 0207 228 5300 to Try Before you Buy !! You can also make an appointment with us to view the other beautiful bicycles for men & women.

Electra 'Amsterdam' bicycles as featured in Banana Republic Regent Street, Covent Garden & Westfield

Friday, August 30, 2013

LH Adventures: Off to See 'The Handlebards' - Twelfth Knight

What a show! Sitting pretty in the beautiful gardens of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the audience were truly spoiled with a spectacular performance from a troupe of talented young gentlemen, The Handlebards. Their cause? “4 men, 4 bikes, 40 characters, 926 miles.” An extremely ambitious route lead them from Glasgow, zig zagging across Britain, all the way to their final pit stop in London where they were greeted by cupcakes, bunting and an excited array of visitors - picnic baskets at the ready!

When LH heard about their travelling theatre, centred around cycling - how could we not join in?! Making an entrance on some of our Vintage and Classic rides, we set up camp overlooking the grassy stage, with a cacophony of bells ready to applaud!
During the interval, we mingled with audience members and shared in the delights of the event; Storm in a Cupcake’s delicious treats, a lovely cup of tea from Coopers Beans and Leaves and of course engaging in bike-talk with the theatre-goers. 

As dusk drew, the stage was lighting was provided by none other than an array of bike lights (naturally!). 

After an intimate and inventive performance, the strawberries and cream were packed away, rugs folded up and bike lights were switched on...and for a lucky bunch, we gave out some free bike bells.

Much to our pleasure, LH’s donation of Bern helmets were showcased by the troupe, who wore them very well indeed; looking good, lads! We can’t wait to see what’s in stall for next year’s performance! But until then - put your feet up boys, you deserve it!

All in all, a wonderful evening enjoyed by many and a perfect setting for bikes and bards! For more pics see our LH Facebook page.

Luv Handles goes to Spin London.

On May 3-5, Luv Handles took to the road and showcased//exhibited at Spin London, "the world's first urban focused bicycle consumer show and festival".

Held in the Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, there were over 60 traders and exhibitors including cycle art installations, DJs, a pedal powered cinema and a whole lotta bikes!

After all our hard work creating our installation (Thanks must go to 'Firecracker' Works Ltd. for bringing that vision to life),  our spirits were filled by a comment made by Urban Cyclist Magazine..."The Luv Handles stand was easily the best presented in the show, even though their online bike shop was still yet to open".

 Our aim was to give the public a sneak peak of who we are and a bit of what's to come as we edge closer to the launch of our website. To make up for the past few years we have been in hiding, we plan to frequent more exhibitions to our already busy route of festivals, markets, pop-up shops and events.

To check out more pics from the day, see our Facebook page or take a squiz at the video Billetto UK put together...

All in all the event was a great success and one of the highlights of the year. We look forward to the Christmas Spin Event taking place which is TBA this autumn.

Friday, August 09, 2013

The Luv Handles Bikini Bike Ride 2013

Notice something strange last Saturday? Perhaps you heard a cacophony of bells? Got stuck behind a large crowd of oh-la-la-ers and flashing cameras? Maybe you were lucky enough to spot some cute bikinis, butts and board shorts in Battersea Park, Kings Road, Hyde Park, Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Covent Garden or South Bank?

Guilty! That was the LH crew and a few hotties we acquired along the way.

The 1st Annual Bikini Bike Ride saw a flight of our Vintage, Classic, Retro, Dutch, Cruiser, Urban, Racer AND Shopper bikes out and about on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Why? Why not!? It is summer after all...what better time to get your kit off and your 'kini on and go for a bike ride.

Unlike the Mayor's Prudential Ride in London which coincided on the same day, we kept it leisurely, with pitstops at Joe and The Juice on King's Road, Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner, a cheeky dip in the fountain at Marble Arch, and a stroll through Covent Garden. We finished our ride with a picnic at Jubilee Gardens near The Festival of Neighbourhood at Southbank.

Our lucky attendees and some of our fans on the street were treated to goody bags filled with amazing products and discounts from our sponsors: Vita CocoOPI nails, Fitness First (Clapham Junction), L'Occitane (Clapham Junction & Kings Road),  Bikini Fling and The Make-Up Station (Clapham Junction).

But the fun didn't end there, we also had some awards on the day, with over £300 worth of prizes! Give-Aways included products from Knog locks & lights, Havaianas flip-flops, Riz Boardshorts, I-Horn phone holder, Basil seat covers, Crane bells,  and Juice Lubes maintenance products.
A special thanks must go to Bikini FlingMadame Shou Shou, Riz  and Finlay & Co. for decking out our LH models and getting us some head turns, wolf whistles & even a round-of-applause!

We are currently working on a little video capture from the day, so stay tuned for that and the launch of our website www.luvhandles.co.uk - coming VERY soon!

For more behind the scenes action, check out our Facebook, Instagram & Vine.  And be sure to Sign Up for the LH Bikini Bike Ride 2014/next year, it's not to be missed!

Book Your Cycle Training Today

Popcycle Training is in full swing! This summer we have had a huge amount of success training kids from age 4 that are Complete Beginners, to adults up to the age of 64 which have needed to brush up on their riding skills in London.

Recently, these brothers met us at Wandsworth Common to show off their skills having completed a Complete Beginner Course with us.  We now have a very happy mom who is now off on holiday with the boys riding for recreation.  Perfect Timing!

If you have a child, or you yourself wish to get more experience riding, then do get in touch today for a one-on-one class or course to suit your needs.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

VANMOOF: Always One Step Ahead... this time they get Electrified!

The forward thinking Dutch brand have announced the newest member to their Urban bicycle range, the VANMOOF 10 Electrified.

"The VANMOOF 10 Electrified learns from advances in the car industry and combines the GPS tracking, smart power control and a lightweight, integrated battery. The VANMOOF Electrified represents the next leap forward in our VANMOOF mission to empower urban commuters worldwide."

Features of the bicycle include:
  • Smart Power Assist
    • Boost your pedal power by up to 80%.
    • "The bike's onboard computer monitors your cycling behaviour via a sensor, adjusting the bike's electric power - supplied via the small, lightweight motor in the bike's front wheel - accordingly."
  • Dashboard
    • Keep track of your progress with the integrated dashboard and remote control.
    • "Its display features both a battery indicator and a motor power indicator. What's more, the corresponding remote control allows you to turn your bike on and off as required."
  • GPS Tracking
    • A new dimension in security.
    • "(...) offers the solution to tracing the location of your bicycle, should it go astray. This is the Holy Grail for urban cycling, effectively rendering theft obsolete."

Don't get too excited just yet though, this model won't be hitting stores until 2014. However, 200 first-run editions will be available this year to individuals who are willing to participate in 'test-driving' the bike and provide feedback to the product development team. If you're interested in getting involved with the project visit VANMOOF's website and be sure to follow Luv Handles for news and updates.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Bikini Bike Ride

Luv Handles Annual Bikini Bike Ride

Get your kit off and your ‘kini on! This is a once a year spectacular where our LH-ers greet the sun, blue skies and crisp commons with sexy saddles and semi-nudity.

Cycling between greens across London, the Annual Bikini Bike Ride is the perfect way to soak up some sun, meet new people and cause a bit of a stir. Open to guys and gals, however nudists need not apply. This is NOT the Naked Bike Ride.

Apologies to Mountain Bikes, Hybrids, Bromptons etc, this is only for Vintage, Classic, Retro, Dutch and Cruiser style bicycles. If you’re unsure if your ride makes that cut, just send us a pic and we’ll let you know.

There will be prizes on the day for the likes of:

The Sexiest Saddle
Foxiest Frame
Most Double Takes
Cutest ‘Kini
Most Strapping Lad
Hottest Couple

Announce your interest and/or attendance, by visiting our facebook page or email us to say 'COUNT ME IN' and we’ll keep you posted with updates.